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3 things candidates should never say

In the modern age of digital connections and sending loads of CVs, simply getting an invite to attend an interview is the hardest part of the recruitment process. Now, the candidate no longer needs to compete with the sea of CVs instead, their personality and expertise can land them the job.

However, in their keenness to secure the position, there’s a good chance that they may accidentally sheer a phrase that sets alarm bells ringing in the head of the recruiter; talking poorly about ex-co-workers is an immense warning sign, whilst being unable to actually identify the logistics of a job listed on their CV is another red flag that is to be avoided.

Yet some are far more indirect; these are phrases that many candidates use with no idea that they’re actively sabotaging their own chances of being hired. Here are some of the sayings that a candidate should never say in an interview:

I’ll do whatever it takes

At the same time as the candidate may think this makes them sound alert and dedicated, it simply makes it sound like the candidate doesn’t have the essential experience and is desperate to show their devotion to make up for it. Candidates that say they’ll ‘do whatever it takes’ come across as immature, and unreliable which you don’t want to come across as when trying to get the job.

I didn’t like my last boss

This may as well be true, it has absolutely no manner in the workplace. Candidates’ feelings about their bosses shouldn’t change how they act at work, the willingness to void their professionalism offer up their personal opinions on an ex-manager is a big warning sign and shows don’t understand the boundaries of a workplace.

I didn’t fit there 

This may be true and there’s nothing incorrect with wanting to fit into a company, yet the mindset of suck it and see often leads to short-term employment and there’s nothing that makes a recruiter drowsier than an employee who seems like they move around often.

In the end, the candidate should mention at wanting a ‘career position’ in which they can grow and gain experience and talking about not fitting in isn’t favourable to this message.

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