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A blind curriculum is a new way of developing a typical CV, in this case without including any personal information. The only thing that this type of curriculum should include is academic training and work experience, as well as the contact information (among other things) to avoid any type of discrimination for other aspects.

What Is A Blind CV?

Blind CV’s are a template, used mainly in the recruitment industry which removes all of the ‘identifying’ information from a candidate’s profile. This includes the following:

  • Age
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth etc.

As the CVs you receive will have this information on, they will need to be ready internally by someone who is not right involved in the hiring process for the position.

Do They Work?

The main purpose of a Blind CV is to remove any risk of prejudice in the early shortlisting for a position, and they work really well. Candidates are shortlisted equally, irrespective of their culture or background.

The benefit comes with the shortlisting for candidates who may otherwise have struggled to get the opportunity of an interview. This broader interview pool will create the opportunity for a more diverse workforce, and potentially increase the quality of possible hires.

Are There Drawbacks?

Like most things there could be some drawbacks and have questioned their benefit, as much of the information still remains, and can mean that a profile of the candidate can still be established; someone with a lot of experience for example.

The lack of context can also work against some candidates, many will have gaps in their work history for all kinds of understandable reasons; by drawing the focus onto the work history, these applicants may be at a disadvantage with the lack of supporting information and justification.

What Are The Other Solutions?

They can be useful, and a quick fix to support a much wider and more compound issue; and applying them should certainly be explored if this is high on your agenda. If you’re looking to diversify the team then there are other solutions you can try in addition.

Advertising the role in different places can bring a wider pool of applicants. Getting in touch with a recruitment agency, such as Evolution Recruit, can help to reach more candidates and ensure the shortlisting for the role is done completely objectively.

Have you ever used Blind CVs in the recruitment process, how did it go? let us know the results!

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