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Finding Work Again After Becoming Unemployed

Being out of work for the first time in your career is a frightening concept for anyone. Aside from the obvious financial concerns, other factors such as routine and overall mental wellbeing come into play which can make a collapse in your job search.

The first and most important step to take when you are out of work is to stop yourself from slithering into this rut of self-doubt and apprehension. Evolution will show you how to stay motivated in such circumstances, what actions to take and how to jumpstart your career again

The dishonour of unemployment

Dealing with unemployment is ranked as one of the scariest aspects of losing your job. Answering typically standard questions from relatives, friends and potential partners becomes somewhat terrifying, It’s very easy to enjoy more lie-ins, make more time for TV series / boxsets, play on your favourite video game when you don’t have a job to go to, but you need to set a well-ordered routine if you want to make your career bounce back quickly and successfully.

First steps to getting back on the job ladder

Rotting every day in your onesie pyjamas, shuffling around the house like a robot and planning on how you’re going to win your first Fortnite game is not productive. Set aside an hour or two in the morning looking for jobs, bookmarking any that catch your eye. Once you’ve found a selection, spend the next hour applying for each one ensuring your CV and cover letter is tailored to that specific role.

Get back into work as soon as possible. Even if you fail to find a role that perfectly matches your skill-set / long-term career ambition, getting any job will emphasise your proactive approach and work ethic. It is a well-known fact that people already in employment find a new job much easier than people out of work.

How Evolution can help you

People lose their jobs for all kinds of reasons. From company redundancies and final warnings, to making bad jokes and using fake accents. It can throw an unexpected turn into our working lives when we least anticipate it.

Here at Evolution we will alleviate a lot of the stress and hassle out of your job search to find you the ideal role. People are at the core of our business and the heart of what we do here. We’re experts at working with you to meet your work and career goals.

We listen carefully to your needs, conduct a thorough interview, evaluate your skills, and place you in a job that’s right for you. Just send your optimised CV, outline your preferences (location, position, salary), and away you go. Whether your goal is to work in a short or long term temporary assignment or to pursue that dream permanent career, we can provide you with the right work opportunities.

Our main objective is helping you find the right position and help you reach your personal and career goals. Don’t forget to check out our updated jobs board or call the office today.

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