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Healthy Workplace Habits

A large percentage of our life revolves around work professions. So, when it comes to being the healthiest version of ourselves, making healthy workplace habits around the office is essential

Unfortunately, with many places, the workplace is often a place filled with enticements that make it hard to stick to the best of routines. When it comes to improving your office, drastic steps aren’t needed. Check out some of Evolution’s tips to get started on improving your workplace habits.

Gain a relationship with water

We know, this seems very basic, simple and like a no brainer. But have you forgotten to drink because your too focused on your work? There’s a huge percentage of men and women walking around the workplace daily that aren’t properly hydrated.

Afternoon hunger cravings, random headaches, and general feelings of haziness can be attributed to dehydration. However, by staying hydrated you will improve your weight loss, your mood, your brain functioning, and your energy levels. We’d recommend purchasing a water bottle, so you never forget to drink water as it’s always on your workplace.

Replace the candy for a fruit and nuts

You can try your best to avoid those 2.30pm round of cookies, crisps and snacks. But, after a stressful few hours of calls, emails and meetings, fighting those foods aren’t as likely due to your willpower being shattered from fatigue and weakness

Instead of battling with your actions of impulsivity (we are humans), it’s better to design an atmosphere that is set up to help you succeed. You’re actually going to snack regardless.

So Therefore, you can prepare for this by having your own stash of “healthy” snacks around. Snacking on fruits and nuts will provide your body with quality nutrients, vitamins and minerals along with providing energy to help you get through the long day of working.

Standing and small activity breaks

Productivity and success are massive at any company and sometimes it’s tough to step away from the monitor and relax, but your body does need breaks to recharge. Sitting for unnecessary periods leads you to be more deskbound which can increase your risk for diabetes and heart diseases while potentially causing terrible back pain.

We’d recommend stand every 30 minutes roughly, even if you’re in the same area. This break (5 minutes) will help your back, shoulders, hips, and neck, but also reduce your sitting time. A couple more ideas to get you standing or doing activity would be to take the stairs when possible (they can be a pain, but it does help), park further away, have walking meetings or walk to lunch if possible.

Your posture

“Sit up straight” were many words we’ve heard from our parents / teachers over the years growing up. And like most things, our parents were absolutely right. Your posture makes a big difference on the quality of your day.

Having a bad posture will affect your mood, reduces your lung functioning leading to less oxygenated blood to the brain (for none science terms this equals to not being as mentally sharp), and neck pains (hello heavy smartphone users).

When you do have the perfect posture, you’re helping your confidence, energy levels, and reducing stress while becoming more productive at work.

Positive essentials to your office

Whether it’s an annoying your co-worker or just a busy and stressful day, using some positive imagery and elements can help turn this possible stressful environment into a peaceful one.

To improve your work environment, you could decorate your area with positive affirmations, have some sticky notes or messages with reminders about why you’re chasing your various goals. These positive reminders keep you on the right track.

Another unique idea is to add an indoor plant, which has been shown to help production by 12 percent. (crazy right? A plant)

Unplug from work when you get home

Taking work to your home is becoming more common which is why should be forbidden, it’s important to set restrictions to prevent a “burnout” from happening. 

Usually checking emails or stupidly scrolling through reports or the next day’s tasks before bed not only takes you away from being present with your family, friends, and others, but it also emotionally exhausts you before the next day even arrives. Always unplug and unwind when you get through your home front door.

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