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Interview Advice

Hints and Tips for Interviews

  • Preparation
  • Dress code & interview Etiquette
  • Answering tough questions
  • Closing the Interview


  • Make sure you research the company web site, understand their history and what they do
  • Find out about their competitors
  • If you do not know where the company is, drive down the day before and check the traveling time, always give yourself plenty of time
  • Run through your cv before the interview, make sure you know your reasons for leaving your previous companies
  • Take a fresh copy of your CV, pad and pen and any homework you have done, if possible put it in a portfolio and have it on display when in the interview
  • Take a brag file with any figures from previous companies
  • Always have a minimum of 10 questions, preferably typed out

Dress Code and General Interview Etiquette

Gentleman should always wear a clean dark suit and a clean crisp white shirt with a dark tie. Never wear a themed tie with Mickey Mouse or any other type of tie that says,” I am not serious about this opportunity.”
Ladies should always wear a clean suit and white blouse. Again, do not wear outrageous shoes that you cannot walk in or a skirt that you normally wear out on Saturday nights. If your clothes are not clean, (Should always be checked 2 days before) you must take a trip to the dry cleaners.
Never have a cigarette before your interview; it is not attractive to an interviewer, especially if they are a non-smoker. Never go into interviews chewing gum or any other sweet. On entering an interview, keep eye contact, deliver a confident smile and shake the interviewers hand (firmly but not breaking his/her hand). Don’t have garlic the night before. Let them know you have questions at the beginning of the interview, ask the interviewer if they would prefer for you to ask these as the interview unwinds or at the end. Make sure you do not slouch or come across too relaxed in your body language.

Answering Tough Question

The progression question: Interviewers do not want to feel that you want their job, however they do want to feel you are ambitious. When the progression question is asked it is normally best to say,” I am keen to progress, but only when you feel I am ready and when there is a role available.”
How can you demonstrate success in your previous roles?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Why do you want to work for us?
What makes you different from the rest of the candidates I have seen?

Closing The Interview

Once the meeting is over, you will not have another chance to persuade the interviewer that you are the right person for the job, therefore it is imperative that you find out if they have any reservations about you.
Treat the interview as a sales call, it is imperative that the interviewer feels you can close for business i.e. As if you were closing business for their company. A typical close for an interview is, “Do you have any reservations about me or my ability to do this job?”
Often interviewers will brush this question aside because they do have reservations, i.e. we have other candidates to see. Do not let the interview get away this easily, ask the interviewer what he/she is hoping to see in these other candidates that he/she has not see in yourself. If the interview does have reservations, try to overcome them, if they do not have reservations, ask what the next stage is.

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