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Joining A New Company

Joining a new company is always going to be a strange experience and for most of us a bit intimidating. Even if it’s to do the same job, in a similar industry, for better pay and more benefits.

The amount of times you join a new business throughout your working life completely depends on your career and your own personal circumstances. But however, if it’s something you haven’t done in a long time or ever before, there are some common things you may feel and experience. Here is a list of those things below:

Nerves Are Normal

The time between accepting a new position and starting a new job can introduce inconsistent emotions. Enjoyment and pride can rapidly become doubt even though you’ve secured the job you wanted and worked hard for.

It’s a completely normal reaction to the prospect of transformation. And it is a big change. especially if it’s your first job, a different type of job or you’ve been with the same company for a long time.

Accepting The Uncertain

Even with your own company research and interview experience, you’ll never truly know how you feel about working somewhere until you actually do it. So, although it’s easier said than done, there is no point in actually getting worried about it.

You applied, interviewed and accepted for a reason. So, don’t be harsh to yourself and start questioning your own actions. Keep your thoughts optimistic and those doubts will soon turn back to enthusiasm!

Making An Impression

You’ve already made a respectable impression at your interview, so continue to do this when meeting the rest of your new colleagues. The drive of every team is different, so take some time to understand the people you’ll be working with.

All of your new colleagues will have experienced a first day before. They will understand that it’s frightening, so don’t worry if you’re feeling shy or a little quiet. Being overconfident and boisterous is a certain way to make a bad impression.

Just focus on being professional and humble – no one will judge you for this.

Learning On The Job

For new starters, who have worked in a similar job or industry before, there is always a lot to learn when joining a brand-new company. Your first week, or sometimes first month, can be full of never-ending inductions and training, rather than doing the typical duties your role actually requires. While your new co-workers carry on with their business as usual, new starters can sometimes feel a bit useless or a “bit of a lemon”.

It really is only temporary. You’re taking a lot more information than you realise, and your manager and colleagues know this. So, don’t be unsatisfied by making a few mistakes or taking baby steps, you are learning on the job.

Asking Questions

This can be something people actually struggle with. Individuals want to appear experienced and are quite concerned that asking too many questions will make them appear the opposite.

Your employer or co-worker should encourage you to ask as many questions as you need. Every company has a different way of doing things, so you won’t be projected to know everything. 

And sometimes you may have a silly question! That’s of course okay too. You’re being dazed with lots of information, and while you’re settling in, it’s always best to check if you’re unsure with something.

Familiarising & Compromising

Although your job and duties may be the same, at a brand-new company you may be expected to work in a diverse way.

This could include things like your time management and schedule, work and performance reviews or IT procedures. Going back to making an impression, it’s quite important to be respectful of how your new company runs things, even if it’s different from what you’re used to. Once you’ve proven to be a firm and dependable worker, you can start to propose new innovations and share your ideas.

Giving It Time

Of course, not every new starter wants to join a different business. Reasons for having to leave a company you liked working for may include reasons like; redundancy, a temporary contract, relocation, a drop-in hours or family commitments.

This is a really difficult thing to experience and makes this transition even harder. In addition to feeling some or all of the above, you deeply miss your old company.

In this case, focus on the positives. Embrace the change and the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and develop. The first few weeks at a new company are disorientating.

Before you know it, you’ll be settled in a routine, remembering everyone’s name and helping the next “new person”!

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