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Benfits Of Temporary Work This Christmas

The time has come where there are temporary Christmas vacancies being advertised and there are loads of reasons why taking a position over the festive period can help you now and in the future. Not only providing some financial security, but also teaching you knew skills, and making you more…


A blind curriculum is a new way of developing a typical CV, in this case without including any personal information. The only thing that this type of curriculum should include is academic training and work experience, as well as the contact information (among other things) to avoid any type of…

Spooky Candidates

Over the year’s recruitment agencies have come across many different kinds of candidates. It’s great when you find the perfect person for a role – it’s incredibly satisfying. But there are a few candidates that we don’t miss. The kind of candidates that haunt recruiters in their dreams. They have…


Mistakes will happen to all of us. Some can be as small as overlooking an attachment on an email, or perhaps it was a bigger error, that damaged the company’s name. Whatever the conditions or harshness of the issue, ensure that you remain calm and take a deep breath before…

When’s the right time to change your career?

In a recent study it shows that the average person will change jobs nine times during their career life, which is twice as many as our grandparent’s generation. With change now being much more widespread, it can be quite difficult to say when the right time is to move on…

3 things candidates should never say

In the modern age of digital connections and sending loads of CVs, simply getting an invite to attend an interview is the hardest part of the recruitment process. Now, the candidate no longer needs to compete with the sea of CVs instead, their personality and expertise can land them the…

How To Be Successful In A Telephone Interview
How To Be Successful In A Telephone Interview

You will mostly come across a telephone interview if you are looking for work and this is often the first stage after you submit your application. This may be with a recruitment agency (such as Evolution Recruit) or your new potential line-manager. Typically, this is quite an informal chat, the…

Developing a Career Plan

By setting up your clear career goals and objectives you are achieving job satisfaction, a work-life balance and wellbeing for yourself. By having a simple way and knowing the essential steps to get there, you can give yourself clarity in the working life. By having this vision of where we…

The Role Social Media has in Recruitment

The digital age is transforming industries all across the globe and recruitment is no exclusion. The AI Software and job boards have changed the way recruiters are hiring possible new candidates. Even social media is playing an important role in the change of the recruitment processes. Different studies have shown…

Using social media in your recruitment company
Social media

If you don’t already know, social media is a scorching platform for pretty much any content In the modern day. Promotions, advertising, professions, selling, conversations, messaging and even recruitment are just some of the fresh ways people are using platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. The use of social…

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