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Things to avoid when being interviewed

Interviews can be a stressful thing if you’re not prepared or ready, here are some things to avoid when your having an interview with your potential new boss.

1. Appearing disinterested 

Appearing disinterested is the number ONE thing you shouldn’t do when your being interviewed.

If you are bored in the interview how can you stop the person interviewing you asking you questions such as ‘ how will you act on the job if your bored now?’ Most employers want someone who is energetic, will bring something to the team and is engaged in the job role. If you’re disinterested, or failing to show enthusiasm for the opportunity this will result in the employer to find a candidate who is.

2. Dressing inappropriately

Wearing clothes that are tight, loose, too dressy, too casual, or wearing brands and logos in professional settings is a bad sign.

Yes you could accuse your interviewer of being harsh on the way you look instead of interviewing you about your skills. Remember why they care about your appearance, they’re evaluating your judgment and how you’d appear to the customers. Do you show you can fit in with company culture? Are you there to bring expertise to the organization? You need to dress the part.

3. Appear arrogant 

The interviewer is more interested in hearing about your accomplishments in the context of how you helped the organization, compared to a list of bragging rights such as your impressive sales numbers attributed to the company’s biggest year in earnings.

4. Answer a cell phone or text during the interview

This is a big NO, it can be found very rude and disrespectful to the interviewer. Do not use your phone at all during an interview, turn it off or put it on silent if you really need it on.

5. Appear uneducated about the company or role

if you appear uneducated about the company or the role you’re interviewing for this will seem that you’re not interested in the job role . Before your interview, research every aspect: who you’ll be interviewing with, what the role’s responsibilities are, any major news about the organization and any background knowledge of its industry.

6. Ask generic questions 

Similar to being ignorant to what the organization or role does, asking generic questions signals to the interviewer that you probably don’t understand or aren’t interested in the job. Demonstrate your knowledge by asking specific questions about on-the-job duties, as well as any questions you may have about the organization.

7. Provide too much personal information

Oversharing too much personal information is something that you might want to avoid, you don’t need to go into detail about personal hobbies or family anecdotes in an interview. Simply be yourself and let your personality and confidence speak for themselves.

8. Turning up late

Turning up late can be a big factor to an interviewer, Unless you have a very good excuse and ring ahead to rearrange, turning up late for an appointment will not value you to any employer.

9.  Poor body language 

Things such as fidgeting and crossing your arms and legs can make the interviewer seem that you not interested in the job role, to prevent this from happening you should give eye contact, good posture, a cheerful manner and a firm handshake will get you a long way in an interview.

10.  Cursing 

Using foul and inappropriate language is generally not acceptable at any time in the interview so avoid using any at all.

These are just some of the things you shouldn’t do when you into an interview, no interview can be 100% perfect but if you avoid some of these things, it may help you secure the job!

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