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What to wear to a job interview?

what to wear to an interview

So, you prep for your interview is almost complete; you’ve done your research on the company, you’ve planned your route for the big day and then the outfit decisions strike!

This sounds a bit obvious of what to wear to a job interview but believe it or not people have failed the interview stage just on how they dress! Here are some tips below from our Evolution team to give you a little help on what to wear.


By this stage, you should be an expert in planning; you’ll have all of your interview questions and answers prepared ready to face the meeting, so your outfit is no different.

The last thing on your mind would be to fetch some new trousers from your local clothes store on the morning of your interview because you’ve noticed there to short or got a hole in them

Prepare yourself an outfit on time. Make sure your clothing is washed and pressed and be sure to try the whole outfit on, so you know everything goes nicely together! The more organised you are, the more relaxed it will be on the big day.

Keep it smart

If you’re really not sure what to dress like and you’re thinking “I NEED ASSISTANCE!” then it’s worth remembering that being over-dressed will always trump being under-dressed.

Most office environments will usually follow a smart office wear dress code, whereas there is room for a little flexibility if you’re going for a more creative role, for example graphic designer or video editor.

In the case that you’re being interviewed for a creative role then there is room to show off your personality. The key is to do your research on the company to figure out the best outfit for you!

Generally, a good suit, whether trouser or skirt, is a good outfit for almost any type of interview; it shows you’ve made the effort and are a smart, sophisticated candidate you claim to be!  You’ll be feeling very self-confident, which again, is a good first impression to make.

So, our Evolution team would recommend you going for things such as crisp fresh shirts or blouses, blazers, ties, tailor-made trousers and smart shoes (try to stick to simple colours such as black, grey or navy rather than hot pink) and you’ll be on your way to success in no time!

We hope this helps towards those all-important interviews and remember to check for things such as untucked shirts, chipped nail polish, unpolished shoes and messy hair.

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