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Evolution Welcome Guide


When you start to work for Evolution, you may want some guidance on what to do.

Getting to work

To increase your chance of gaining work you should telephone Evolution each day between 9.00am—10.00am and 3.30pm—4.30pm. If you don’t immediately receive work, don’t give up! We will return your call with our very next job offer.

All our assignments are job offers. This means you may turn down any job you feel is unsuitable. However, failure to turn up to any job you have accepted without giving reasonable notice of your intention not to attend will result in no further job offers being made.

Time off/Holidays

Doctor/Dental appointments must be made outside of working hours.

Days off (other than scheduled days off) should not be taken without first obtaining permission from an Evolution representative. An authorisation must be obtained from us a minimum of 1 week before the time taken off. In case of sickness, our office is open from 8.00am—5.00pm Monday to Friday. We also have an out of hours’ number for you to leave a message.

All holiday requests must be made by filling in our holiday request form either in person in our office or by email. Text messages and verbal requests will not be classed as an official request.

Our mobile telephone number is 07899 978213 and is operational at times before 8.00am and after 5.00pm. If you are unable to personally notify us of your illness, then you should get a friend or relative to do it for you at least 2 hours before you are due to be at work. Failure to inform us before absence could result in your work assignment being re-assigned to another employee.


A) You must not leave a client’s premises for any reason without prior permission from the shift supervisor.

The following examples of misconduct that may result in you losing your assignment, but this is not an exhaustive list:

•          Poor timekeeping

•          Persistent absence

•          Disruptive behaviour

•          Contravention of Health & Safety Regulations

•          Failure to maintain the required standard of dress and behaviour

B) you will be immediately dismissed from the client and from Evolution for the following:

•          Stealing

•          Consuming alcohol on the Client premises

•          Smoking in unauthorised areas

•          Leaving the clients premises without prior permission


Clients rules on smoking vary due to the nature of their work and the materials being used. Generally, smoking is strictly confined to specific areas. This area can only be used during authorised break periods. Warning notices are displayed and failure to comply with this instruction will lead to instant dismissal. Always ask before smoking.

Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment (PPE)

All temporary workers must wear PPE as and when directed. Any worker that has been directed to wear PPE and is not will be sent home. Again, the rules regarding PPE change from assignment to assignment, so always ask if you are unsure. Any work requiring additional PPE will be provided by the client.

Your employer

Always Remember that you are employed by Evolution under a contract for services and are representing Evolution. Whilst reporting to the supervisor on site daily from whom you take your instructions. You are also required to comply with any additional instructions issued to you by Evolution.


Your hours of work and overtime rates can vary from contract to contract; if you are not sure, ask your Evolution contact. Evolution may wish to change your hours to suit client’s requirements but will endeavour to give you adequate notice.

You are required as part of the agreement you signed when registering for work with Evolution to complete the contract. You must complete your shift so that the client is not let down; you must never walk off the job.

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