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How to accomplish a Work Life Balance


Achieving a work life balance is not easy task in an ever-increasing high work load atmosphere.  It’s important to find some balance and time for both work and your actual life. 

From an employer’s perspective, you could potentially offer a flexible working procedure which has great business benefits such as increased productivity, improvements in performance, better morale and lower levels of stress / sickness

 How do you achieve a picture-perfect work life balance?

Prioritise your work tasks

Try and control what the utmost important tasks of the day are and allow enough time to accomplish them.  Schedule out the fewer important jobs for a later time.  This will help you keep track of your workload.

Structure your day

Once you have ranked your work load, try to assemble similar jobs together.  This will allow you to get high priority jobs done first, then the medium priorities.  You can then allocate your breaks around this and comfortably meet all your deadlines.

Take breaks

 It’s quite important to take consistent breaks at work, not only for your body but also for your mind.  If you only have a lunch hour, go for a nice walk or catch up with work friends.  Maybe instead of a lunch break you could take regular shorter breaks throughout the day if your employer allows this. This can allow you to take care of any personal jobs you don’t have time to do before or after the work period


Make sure you use all your annual holidays.  You need this time away from your job to relax, chill, unwind and spend time with family and friends.


Does it take you hours to get to work and on the way home?  Try to consider taking a day or two working from home.  If you don’t need to be face to face to complete any your jobs, then this could be the perfect answer.  However, don’t get caught up answering emails and phone calls after hours. 

All work and no play can leave you worried and feeling unhappy.  Talk to your boss / employer about your thoughts.  Look at your own tasks and work out a better time management plan.

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