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Benfits Of Temporary Work This Christmas

The time has come where there are temporary Christmas vacancies being advertised and there are loads of reasons why taking a position over the festive period can help you now and in the future. Not only providing some financial security, but also teaching you knew skills, and making you more employable.


It’s no secret that Christmas is the more expensive time of the year, so any economic assistance is really well received by anyone. Christmas temp work, particularly in warehouse positions, are often at a higher pay rate due to the need for new workers at that time of year. If you are willing and able to work on the holidays themselves, this can be paid at time and a half or even double time!


You will most likely receive some sort of formal training at the start of your job. It’s certainly worth making a note of any precise qualifications and their expiry dates. Training can also be more informal and be in the form of general skills to help you in the role. These skills are very transferable; and will be a huge boost to your employability across a range of different careers once the assignment has finished.


By taking a temporary role, you will gain new skills, and develop existing ones all of which will help you in the future. Essential skills in most jobs are time management, communication and teamwork. All of these will be developed in the common roles that are available at this time of year, such as Factory and Warehouse.

Temp To Perm

there is limited temp to perm positions available at the end of the assignments. If you do work well in the role and fit in with the companies’ team, then it’s likely that you’ll be asked to stay full time. The company has invested a lot of time and training into you during the weeks the job has run for; so, you’ll be able to start straight away, saving everyone time.

Stopping CV Gaps

By working over the festive period, you will avoid the potential gap on your own CV that otherwise might stand out to a potential recruiter. You can defend the time you spent over the festive period for the reasons mentioned earlier such as training and experience. This will also show your motivation and desire to work, something that will go down well with recruiters.

Measuring An Industry

The time spent in a new role or industry will allow you to measure your own interest and suitability for it. It may be a role you never considered before, you might end up really enjoying. The industry may also resentment your interest and be possibly be something you’d like to spend more time in, or work in different areas of.

Temporary work at Christmas is tremendously beneficial both short and long term, it can help clarify areas that you’d like to work in, and give you some useful experience and skills for your CV.

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