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Spooky Candidates


Over the year’s recruitment agencies have come across many different kinds of candidates. It’s great when you find the perfect person for a role – it’s incredibly satisfying. But there are a few candidates that we don’t miss. The kind of candidates that haunt recruiters in their dreams.

They have you tossing and turning in your bed, unable to sleep because you’re on the brink of losing your mind; unsure whether they’re actually going to turn up to the interview or be who they say they are. And yes, it’s as dramatic as it sounds.

Now, before w reveal the all-important list, a word of warning for our candidates:

If you start reading a description of these eight spooky characters and find that you can somewhat relate, then you might need to take a dose of our anti-spook recipes which you can find – here.

The Witch or Warlock

The wicked witch or warlock will play the recruiters like a fiddle. They’ll put a spell on them or practice their magic appearing perfect for the role and then poof; they will disappear without a trace……

The Ghost

Have you been struggling to get hold of your candidate? Are you starting to wonder they actually even exist? Sadly, you’re dealing with a ghost candidate, so get your proton pack and go bust some ghosts.

The Clown

Clown candidates know how to give a bit of the old razzle dazzle and distract recruiters from the facts (that they’re not actually right for the job)

The Vampire

The vampire candidates could be perfect for the job role BUT they also know it. They will try and drain as much as they can from the job offer, negotiating on everyt5hing from salary, through to lunch breaks. Sadly, this is all too often, puts employers off.

The Werewolf

The werewolf job candidate will seem like they were sent from above. Perfect experience, skills and personality, but at the interview they seem to be a completely different person. Overconfident, argumentative and even beastly!

Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankenstein’s Monster has done it all…. Care, Engineering, IT, Sales. They’re a mish-mash of different skills (and personalities) and the sad truth is, they’re just not sure who they really are.

The Zombie

The zombie was probably out last night…. A bit of a socialite, they might be great for the job, but you just don’t when they’re going to turn up to an interview hungover (or even drunk).

The Skeleton

This candidate could do with a little more meat to their application. They have minimal experience for the job they’re expecting, struggle to sell themselves and their personalities are just a bit … Dead

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